"Step-by-step plan, how to make money in trading."
from Yuri Bishko, a trader with 6 years of successful trading experience
Master-class of breaking new financial ground

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5 beginner's fatal mistakes beginners in trading
How to make money in trading without risks and waste of money
Step-by-step plan for stable profit's increasing , which is based on 6-year experience in trading
I made two fatal mistakes
The first story of my mistakes is Trading with increased risks.
I started trading as a student. And all the free money that I had I invested in training and trading.
I had to deny myself many banal things. And with each Deposit, I hoped that it would give me some freedom. As a first-year student, I lived on $ 100 a month. And 200-300 $ of additional income from trading for me was generally the limit of dreams. Then I genuinely believed that with 100 $ will be able do 1,000-2,000$.

But I merged all my first deposits because I did not work correctly with risk management. And every time I poured this money, I had a feeling of emptiness, disappointment. After all, in order to invest money, I had to save for months-2-3 months, six months.

Losing this money I felt inside myself absolute emptiness and senselessness of all this. It was so hard to realize that there were times when I just went to the Park away from people and cried uncontrollably. My hands dropped.

Since. as I merged the 3rd or 4th Deposit, I even decided to quit trading. After all, all my classmates and classmates went for a walk, rested, hung out with the girls, and I invested all the money in training and trade. And in comparison, it looked pretty weird.

Everything changed in one moment when I started to study a specific system, tried to trade according to the rules taking into account the risks. And only then I began to earn in trading.
Second story. How I was looking for freebies in trading and worked as a news clicker.
There is such a thing as fxnewskiller, a software that generates trading signals (news).

And I was told that it is possible to obtain a large profit about 40-50%. At that moment, as a student, I estimated such a profit as something incredibly large. I got carried away with this idea, bought a program, a license to it, added to the account. So I traded for 2 months and made 60-70%.

But when I needed to withdraw money, the company refused to pay me the profits. They did something on purpose to keep people from earning. And my profits were canceled. After that, they did not withdraw my first Deposit for another month.

It made me angry. I knew a Manager who worked with me. And wrote in his blog article that this company throws people for money. Only then did the Manager contact me and they withdrew my money in exchange for a promise that I would delete my article.

This was a very serious lesson for me. I stopped believing in freebies. And stopped working with clickers. Then I realized that you need to look for your approach, learn to understand the ring, in the areas where you can trade, and where - do not.

This story was the starting point to work out your system in trading. In the end, I got a very good result.
You want to go over my rake?
This master class is definitely for you, if:
You're interested in trading,
but you don't know where to start
You've tried trading before,
but it failed
You want to make money,
but you don't have enough
knowledge for this
You're planning
to making more money,
but you don't know how
"Step-by-step plan, how to make money in trading."
A strategy that we've been developing over the last six years. At the master class in just 2 hours you will receive a ready-made plan of breaking new financial ground.
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